Timber Bedroom Collection

Single, Double, Queen & King Beds with choice of 3 footboards – Perimeter, Low or Full Footboard
Bunk Beds also available:
Queen Bed TQFB5666 Dimensions: 66W x 88L
King Bed TKFB5683 Dimensions: 83W x 88L
Double Bed TDFB5659 Dimensions: 59W x 82L
Single Bed TSFB5644 Dimensions: 44W x 82L

3 Drawer / 2 Door Armoire TAR7842 Dimensions: 42W x 78H x 25D

7 Drawer Dresser TDR3762 Dimensions: 62W x 37H x 21D
9-Drawer Dresser – 72″ TMD4572 Dimensions: 72W x 48H x 21D
9-Drawer Dresser – 62″ TMD4562 Dimensions: 62W x 45H x 21D

5-Drawer Highboy THB5436 Dimensions: 36W x 54H x 21D
6-Drawer / 1 Door Men’s Chest TMC5848 Dimensions: 48W x 58H x 21D
7-Drawer / 2-Door His & Her’s Chest THH5062 Dimensions: 62W x 50H x 21D
5-Drawer Lingerie Chest TLC5426 Dimensions: 26W x 54H x 21D

1 Drawer / 1 Door Nightstand TNS3126 Dimensions: 26W x 31H x 20D
3 Drawer Nightstand TND3126 Dimensions: 26W x 31H x 20D
1 Drawer / 2 Door Nightstand TNB3126 Dimensions: 26W x 31H x 20D

Timber Landscape Mirror
Landscape Mirror TMR4241 Dimensions: 41W x 42H Wall Mirror TWM4872 Dimensions: 48W x 72H

Blanket Box
Timber Blanket Box TBB2440 40W x 20H x 24D