There is no such thing as an average cost for a queen bed or a table

web-cg-solid-wood-furniture-cambridge-bedroomC&G works with many local builders; each offering different styles and wood types. Beds come in different sizes with different footboards. Tables come as a solid top or extension table, pedestal or harvest, regular, counter or pub height. Styles can range from country, and rustic to contemporary or modern. Once a customer has selected a style, wood and size, a price can be determined.

These examples are true for every piece of furniture we sell. For more complex pieces like bookcases, sideboards, cabinets, etc., you should think about width, height, depth, number of shelves, doors versus no doors and which way they open, glass versus wood, etc. Every detail will determine the price. And… most importantly, while the space where you want to put it seems like a perfect fit, the bigger question is whether we can get it in your house; down stairs, around corners, through doorways, etc. to get to this place.


The wood type is different from the finish colour


Many people come in asking for Cherry but what they may really be looking for is a colour that has a cherry wood finish. Cherry wood is available but it is more expensive than our regular woods. Not all products are available in all woods. Certain builders only work with certain woods. Prices can vary by builder.


The word “Custom” does not have to be scary and expensive.

web-cg-solid-wood-furniture-bench-tableCustom work for us is an everyday thing. Everything we build is custom because we build you a new one instead of giving you one from the floor. This gives you the flexibility to select the wood, finish and hardware that makes it just the way you want it. We can also adjust the size if you need it to be bigger, smaller, wider, etc. There may be additional costs associated with changes. Minor changes may not cost anything. Some have a minimal set up fee of $50. Larger changes may cost more.


Solid wood products cost more than products that claim to be “real wood”.


Our builders use solid wood for all of their pieces made from genuine pine, oak, maple and cherry. We do not use veneers, particle board or other woods that can be claimed to be “real” but are not the same. You are paying to receive the wood you select, produced exclusively for you by local Canadian craftsman. This is a quality product that warrants a premium price.